Brits prefer surfing the net to eating good food

May 8, 2017

High speed Internet access is more important to British families than holidays or food, according to the results of a new study published this week.

Research by mobile operator O2 found that 67% of UK households would be reluctant to cut back their spending on high-speed broadband.

By contrast, just 24% said they’d hesitate before reducing the money they spend on food, and 30% said they wouldn’t consider cutting back on holidays.

“This report reveals just how pervasive technology now is within UK homes,” said O2 spokesperson Alistair Johnston.

More than half of those polled said new technology such as email and mobile phones improves communication between family members, whilst 57% said they’re still on the look out for the latest gadgets despite the credit crunch.

Over 3.4 million British parents use websites such as Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and Twitter to stay in touch with immediate relatives, O2 said.

O2 believes that technology has become vital for family life in the 21st century.

“We strongly believe that technology has a hugely positive role to play in helping families better manage their hectic lives, but also ultimately in being able to spend more time together,” Johnston said.

Last month, O2 broadband won multiple awards for customer service at the Broadband Customer Satisfaction Awards.


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