O2 internet goes down

July 22, 2017

Yesterday afternoon the O2 data network went down and, according to Twitter, it is still down.

Nationwide users who pay monthly data contracts are reporting on Twitter that they are unable to send any SMS or texts via the internet and send emails, although most were able to still make and receive phone calls.

VoIP, however, was down as well due to the lack of internet access.

Initially reports stated that there was data congestion in the London area causing the downtime but O2 has denied this explanation, advising users not to try to manually override their access point name on their mobile devices.

The last update from O2 on Twitter was from seven hours ago and simply stated the company would try to fix the problem ASAP.

It is affecting a great number of users, given the mobile network operator is the largest in the UK.

Oddly enough, only those with monthly contracts are affected, as customers with pay as you go plans do not seem to be suffering from the data disturbance.

For those who cannot live without their data package, Wi-fi connectivity was not affected by the outage, so O2 data users who are near a hot spot can continue to use all features of their mobile phones if they connect to the wireless signal.

O2 has yet to say what has caused the power outage, leading users to believe that they probably do not have access to Twitter as well without a working data plan, or simply don’t know.


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