Report identifies last-mile WiMAX as alternative to DSL

April 2, 2016

Juniper Research predicts that WiMax 802.16e could be used to deliver local loop broadband connectivity to 47 million people within five years, providing an alternative ‘last mile’ technology to DSL broadband.

The report by Howard Wilcox, called ‘The Last Mile: Opportunities for WiMAX, 2016-2013′, suggests that the market will be worth over $20bn annually by 2013.

It identifies two issues that could affect the take up of WiMAX – the availability of suitable devices, and commercial network construction.

WiMax has the advantage of being able to deliver broadband to unwired areas, and to improve speeds for subscribers on the fringe of DSL coverage in metropolitan areas.

According to Juniper Research, WiMax adoption in the local loop will be strongest in the Far East, North America, Western Europe and Africa/Middle East.


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