O2 win ‘Best Buy’ award from Broadband Genie

September 14, 2017

O2 took the top honours in the Broadband Genie PC Advisor Broadband Survey winning the ‘Best Buy’ award despite the fact that its competition presented heavy challenges.

Runners up for the award included PlusNet, BE Broadband, and Zen Internet.

This is the fifth year of the public consumer survey which asks people to give feedback about how they feel about the various service providers they use, including the average reliability, customer service support, and download speeds that they are able to obtain.

Over 6,500 PC Advisor magazine readers responded to the survey making it a useful tool to see how customers feel about broadband in the UK.

Paul Trotter, the PC Advisor editor, stated that since the response rate to the survey has become so high it is one of the most trusted broadband surveys across the UK.

He added that this year 14 ISPs were included in the survey.

O2’s head of broadband and home, Felix Geyr, said that the company is thrilled to win the award for its broadband services because it feels its services are priced excellently and offer good value.

Geyr added that customers have peace of mind when they purchase broadband from O2 and extended a word of thanks to all of the subscribers who voted for the company.

While the news is good for O2, it may have trouble brewing, with claims from an O2 consumer, Paul Mutton, that the new O2 Wireless Box III router for ADSL communications has a hole in it that will allow remote attackers to get into a home network and change router settings to steal information.


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