New broadband service with 570GB utilization allowance

February 19, 2016

Seriously! has initiated a new product named Seriously! Allowance which offers what appears to be a huge usage allowance of 570GB for £59.99 a month.

The 570GB is split as 150GB allowance for the time period Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm, with the outstanding 420GB usable off-peak which is all other times.

To provide some idea of the allowance of peak time, your ADSL line would have to operate at an average of more than 1.1Mbps for the entire peak time period to go over the 150GB figure. If you did manage to surpass the 150GB limit it would cost £15.88 for the next 30GB (a flat fee of £5.88 plus a variable fee based on the amount over the limit).

Additional details of the product comprise access to online bandwidth usage data at ISP portal, free ADSL modem, minimum contract of 30 days, a free domain, and a block of eight static IP addresses.

£59.99 appears expensive, especially for those whose average usage is in the order of 5GB to 10GB a month, but for those with a SOHO network and numerous computers/users it is astonishingly easy to mount up usage figures far above the average. It is these types of people that the more expensive products will appeal to. Various ‘unlimited’ products that are more or less free or priced lower are designed around traffic management and the prospect that most people will not use their connection much further than the average.


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