Avanti provides cheaper calls with LCR technology

June 22, 2015

UK-based Avantimobile has developed an innovative business model that provides cheaper calls via Wi-Fi as an alternative to VoIP calls.

The system, called Least Cost Routing (LCR), uses technologies from mobile networks such as Vodafone and Orange, together with automated access to calls that cost around 2p per minute to the USA.

Users download an application that is then programmed over the air to the registered mobile. It checks all numbers dialled by the user and if the call can be made within Avantimobile’s network, the call will be re-sent through a local UK number.

This method of routing used by the system has been used in landline telephones for many years.

The Avanti software determines whether the call would be cheaper via Avanti, and if so will automatically re-route it. Otherwise the call is dealt with by the users existing mobile service.

The service works seamlessly – a user simply uses the phone in the normal way. There is not need to change the mobile network or number, or dial extra digits to use the service.


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