O2 Ireland and Bebo partnership

November 16, 2015

O2 Ireland customers who are already registered users of the Bebo.com website now have access to an optimised version of the Bebo site from their O2 phone

Social networking site Bebo has formed a partnership with mobile operator O2 Ireland to launch a new Bebo mobile service.

The service will offer unlimited access to Bebo.com on mobiles. O2 Ireland customers will be able to view their profiles, upload photos, receive alerts and post comments by text message.

O2 Ireland has an agreement with Bebo to provide the service exclusively to its customers until March 2016.

Subscription to the Bebo mobile service will be offered free of charge until the end of November. After this deadline, customers will be asked to subscribe to continue with the service for a weekly subscription fee of €1.50.


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