HTC to launch MID handsets this year

March 10, 2016

High Tech Computer (HTC) are joining forces with Intel to develop mobile internet device (MID) products. Industry experts are predicting that HTC will launch an MID with handset functions later this year.

Once MID handsets are launched, Intel’s MID platform will be in competition with ARM-based platforms. It will also put pressure on the UMPC (ultra mobile PC) market.

Intel’s director of Embedded Sales in the Asia Pacific, Michael Chen, says that MID devices will offer improved performance compared to ARM-based devices whilst being built on the x86 architecture and thus compatible with the related software.

The launch is also expected to raise market awareness of mobile internet devices. The number of MIDs shipped is expected to increase significantly after Intel introduce their second generation MID platform next year.

Prices for second generation MIDs are expected to be much more competitive that the current generation, which sell for around US$700.


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