WiMax in trouble after Sprint Nextel CEO departs

October 11, 2015

The departure of Gary Forsee as CEO of Sprint Nextel could cause problems for it’s five billion dollar nationwide wireless service based on the WiMax technology.

As previously reported
the company’s board of directors is focusing on external candidates to replace CEO Gary Forsee who left suddenly on Monday.

The new CEO will have to work on many of the company’s key problems including customer service and it’s integration with Nextel.

Analysts are also suggestion the new CEO will have to decide if the company’s current policy of competing with market leaders Verizon and AT&T is wise.

The WiMax project was only announced last year by Mr Forsee in conjunction with Intel, Motorola and Samsung. It aimed to install a 4G network in the UK by 2018.

Sprint executives claim they already have a two year lead in installing 4G technology.

Some investors have questioned the decision since WiMax technology is still unproven.

If it works it could provide broadband to rural areas that can’t currently able to receive broadband and even allow machines and vehicles to communicate.


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