CallKey SIM Card Proving Popular

August 8, 2016

CallKey seem to be having some considerable success in pushing their concept of using an alternate SIM card when travelling abroad, as they have just passed the two hundred thousand shipped units mark.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO offers mobile users “travel” SIMs that allow them to sidestep high roaming fees charged by Mobile Network Operators, MNOs.

The concept allows distributors the option of customising the SIMs with their own logo or branding.

They can also add their own short-codes and audio prompts, and can even set up their own sub-distribution networks with different branding and price structures.

The distributors will be able to monitor all activity though their own “back office” system to view all CDRs in real time, as well as customer support information and online diagnostics.

Optimized rate sheets show all region’s charges and distributors can then set their own rates for each of these regions as they see fit.

There is also the option of free inbound calls in over 50 countries

CallKey has its own roaming coverage with Tier 1 carriers in 130 countries worldwide including the entire EU.

Local numbers can be called directly in each country without entering the international dialling code for that country, or having high roaming fees.

So if you live in the UK and travel to Spain, and then want to call a local hotel in Spain, using the old system you would have heavy roaming fees.

With CallKey you just call the local Spanish number direct without the roaming fee.

About CallKey

CallKey Ltd is headquartered in Borehamwood UK, with offices in Los Angeles, and Tucson.

The company was among the world’s first to operate a GSM mobile service utilising proprietary technology, which allows its subscribers to slash their international mobile roaming costs by up to 80%.

CallKey exclusively markets its products and services through an extensive international reseller channel, typically on a “white-label” basis.


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