Faster downloads from ID Net

May 28, 2017

ID Net, a UK broadband provider, has announced its brand new 24MB internet package to deliver high speed internet with increased data allowances.

Additionally, the high speed broadband also allows users to upstream data at a stunning 1.4Mb if there is a standard 4km of length between the user and the local exchange telephone line.

Plus, by increasing data allowance by almost double, users can now access and download more data than regular users would consider, since the download times are much shorter at high speeds for movies, music, media clips and other rich media.

Due to the extensive use of ADSL2+ technology, the allowance and bandwidth will not cost consumers any more on a monthly basis.

There is a one time fee of £14.67 for those who pay monthly for their broadband from BT, but annual subscribers will not have to pay the fee according to IDNet.

Businesses can also take advantage of the increase in bandwidth speeds at the price of £29.50.

For an extra £10 customers can also add in a voice line rental.


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