Aspen System 50% Cheaper Than Fibre Optic

November 6, 2016

Fibre optic networks are continuing to expand at a rapid pace, but the truth is that for the foreseeable future the majority of the world’s classic telephone and broadband users are connected via copper cables.

Many network devices purchased over the last few years are not suitable for connection to fibre cables, and many telecom operators are seeking ways to simplify migration towards fibre broadband.

Aspen Optics believes it may have the solution that will allow operators to start and scale their networks.

They say that, using their system, it is possible that operators will not need to buy new switches or even add new fibre cables in order to increase the size of their optical network.

The company aims to help operators by allowing them to transition towards Optic delivery while adding real value to their present copper cable connections and allowing them to become fibre ready for when fibre optical cable is joined to the system.

Their new Carrier-class system, with the catchy name of Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC, will enable operators to make use of a fibre network that will be “Plug and Expand”

Geebic is capable of enabling bidirectional transmission, making use of much older switching models that do not have SFP ports.

In essence it is capable of doubling a 1Gbit circuit to give it a capacity of 2Gbit.

By doing so the expensive switches will have a much extended lifespan and for the time being there will be no need for purchasing and buying expensive fibre cabling.

According to the company is possible for operators to save around 50% of the cost of a new system that includes fibre cabling.


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