Hogg Robinson reports video conferencing growth

June 5, 2016

Travel company, Hogg Robinson, has noted an increase in video conferencing among companies trying to cut costs in response to the current crisis in global financial markets.

In its recent trading results, Hogg Robinson identified a significant reduction in foreign travel among its customers, particularly among financial services companies.

Although an increase in video conferencing in preference to foreign business trips is good news for the environment, it seems that financial constraints are prompting the increase in its use, rather than environmental concerns.

Pystechnics, a global leader in voice and video quality assessment software, has also noted the rise in popularity of video conferencing, with more companies using the technology in preference to traditional voice conferencing.

Pystechnics recommends the use of performance management tools to provide video conferencing which faithfully reproduces the personal nature of a face-to-face meeting without the cost of major upgrades to access networks.


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