Voipfone launch £45 limitless broadband package

March 30, 2016

Those who have used VoIP (Voice over IP) on their broadband lines will be conscious of the irritation that can arise if a large web page causes a spike in latency or swamps the connection causing the voice to stutter. Voipfone are attempting to address this in two ways with their new £45 (ex. VAT) per month broadband product.

The product uses a Max Premium connection therefore giving a maximum upstream connection rate of 832Kbps, enough for plenty of VoIP calls, and a maximum downstream connection speed of 8Mbps. Besides a faster than average upstream speed, they are using traffic management to prioritize VoIP traffic heading towards their servers.

The additional basics of the broadband product are that it ought to be available on any exchange where BT Wholesale offers its Max product range. Additionally you get a static IP address, no lengthy contract and unlimited usage.

There is little information about what precisely the unlimited usage means on the Voipfone website in terms of whether they reserve the right to control the priority of traffic types beyond VoIP traffic.


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