Channel 4 joins iTunes store

March 19, 2016

If you have considered spending your money to download episodes of Spaced, Shameless or Skins, it is now feasible as Channel 4 has begun to put its shows into the iTunes store according to the gadget website T3.

The programmes cost £1.89 each, and it is assumed in contrast to content downloaded from iPlayer or 4oD they will not expire after 30 days. One somewhat aggravating feature of iTunes is that you cannot peruse the store before downloading the software.

To provide users with an appetizer of the quality, a 25 minute show is at approximately 290MB and is about the equivalent quality as you would acquire from the iPlayer and 4oD services, which is similar to Freeview quality.

Apple on its free film promo site presents a wide variety of resolutions, so it would be good to see a range of resolutions in the paid for content too.


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