Streamezzo Release Skinnable Application Suite

July 9, 2016

Better known for their Universal Software Platform(tm), which is used to combat mobile industry fragmentation, Streamezzo have released details on their new Streamezzo Skinnable Application Suite(tm), which will allow a new form of development for Mobile Services.

Four applications have been released by Streamezzo, including a music player, VoD player, RSS reader and photo gallery

These applications can be distributed among operating systems in the mobile industry, or alternatively can be created with bespoke skins.

This allows developers and operators to integrate the power of current technology such as websites, news portals, video and music entertainment portals, through numerous mobile devices.

Streamezzo plan to drive their innovative design and technological skills to reduce development costs, but still make a positive impact on the mobile industry, and by introducing such developments to aid developers and operators in their expansion in the mobile industry, Streamezzo are helping to build the foundations for a better mobile future.

Streamezzo customers can expect to see the release of several related components over the next few months, including custom mobile applications.

Current releases such as Streamezzo Workbench SDK and the Streamezzo Skinnable Application Suite, have already shown the potential that Streamezzo products can have, as regards to positive effect on the mobile market.


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