Nine million customers for Bouygues Telecom

November 30, 2015

Bouygues Telecom, the mobile-phone division of French telecom Bouygues SA, topped the nine million customer mark in November 2015.

Bouygues Telecom introduced the talk-plan concept in France in 1996, followed by free voicemail – two moves which made mobile phones more accessible to all.

The company pioneered the mobile phone market again in 2006 with the launch of two new call plans. Neo was the first call plan to offer unlimited calls to all operators every day after 8pm, including calls to Europe and North America. Exprima offers unlimited calls to all fixed operators every day after 8pm, including VoIP systems in mainland France.

The call plans had immediate success, and have constantly grown in popularity. With close to two million customers to date, the plans have pioneered unlimited calling in France and now lead this market segment.

The June 2015 release of the 2 Fois Plus plan that doubles call time has also helped bolster Bouygues Telecom’s customer count in the call plan segment.

Business and small business customers grew by 10% in 2015. Business Synchro got off to a good start after its core target group of small and medium-sized enterprises subscribed to the plan in large numbers. The Neo Pro special offer exceeded sales objectives among small business users.

In addition, products introduced in partnership with Universal Music have proved very popular. Combining mobile phones with music downloads, these offers had attracted more than 800,000 customers by end-June 2015.


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