O2 launches mobile broadband service

April 21, 2016

O2 has launched a mobile broadband service, giving its customers internet access from a laptop over 3G or Wi-Fi via a plug-in USB modem, which will automatically connect to the fastest available network.

O2 Mobile Broadband is available to existing O2 customers for £20 per month with up to 3GB of data usage.

Customers will receive a text message informing them when they have reached 2GB of data usage, and a phone call when the 3GB allowance has been reached.

Unlimited Wi-Fi is provided through the 7,500 hotspots run by The Cloud in the UK.

The service is available on either an 18-month contract which includes the modem for free, or a rolling one-month contract with which the modem will cost £119.99.

With 99% GPRS coverage in the UK, and 80% 3G coverage expected by May, O2 is confident that customers should receive broadband speeds of up to 1.8Mbps across the whole O2 network and up to 3.6Mbps from June.

O2 is the last of the major mobile operators to enter the mobile broadband market.


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