Firmware upgrade for Netgear DG834v3 routers

March 30, 2016

The AR7 chipset problem hit the headlines last year and Netgear has now issued a firmware update for its DG834 version 3 hardware that might improve effects for some people.

The firmware is version 4.01.37 and should only be used on version 3 of the DG834 and DG834G routers. Note: Do not use this firmware on North American models.

The firmware fixes a number of issues, but what appears to be the key one was mentioned by Zen Internet .

New DSL code from Infineon which addressees the LOM (Loss of Margin) drops whereby the modem re-syncs when the SNR margin fluctuates.

  • Updated the DSL driver to improve interoperability.
  • Fixed a problem on the Router Status
  • Show Statistics page where a negative noise margin would be incorrectly displayed as a large positive number.
  • Whether you should upgrade your DG834v3 firmware is a personal choice, a common rule is that if the connection with the current firmware is working fine then leave things well alone. Those who stand to profit the most would appear to be those suffering recurrent disconnects which hopefully the tweaks to the DSL code will improve.


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