Nearly 90% unhappy with mobile broadband speed

July 21, 2017

Broadband Genie, recently announced that according to its recent study, only about 11% of all mobile broadband users actually feel they receive adequate broadband speeds.

Of those surveyed, a quarter reported they were undecided, and over two thirds reported that even 3G network speeds were not quick enough for their tastes.

The dissatisfaction may come from the fact that mobile broadband service providers have failed to look at the services they actually provide, because they are too heavily concentrated on offering the most competitive deals with cheap rates and free laptops or mobiles with long term contracts.

Broadband Genie stated that the website constantly gets complaints from people who feel that their 3G broadband service does not perform the way they anticipated.

Editor of the website, Chris Marling, stated that maybe this figure will make mobile broadband providers take a step back and notice that they are working to sell a service that does not actually meet most customers’ demands, which is bound to backfire soon.

Marling went on to state that most of the dissatisfaction comes as a result of poor advertising, since people are led to think mobile broadband will perform as well as a home broadband service, which is not possible with the 3G network, even though the 3G network can accomplish fairly impressive results, in relative terms to mobile broadband technology.

3G still has its bugs to work out however, as Ofcom reported that there are still some rural areas that are not capable of receiving coverage with the popular service which can impair internet use all together and limit options.

The government plans to work on the problem when more spectrums becomes available, after the switch from analogue to digital television is made at the end of 2017.


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