CommProve and Telecom 180 in South African deal

October 9, 2016

Telecom 180 is a NGN (Next Generation Network) company which provides technologies and solutions for the telecommunications (ICT) industry.

It is also what is known as a “Black Empowerment company”, which means it has a special emphasis on employing and nurturing previously disadvantaged groups.

It has now entered into a partnership with CommProve to deliver network monitoring services to a major South African mobile operator, to help keep the company in an effective position and ensure the service they provide is of a good quality.

The South African operator has decided to deploy a Netledge monitoring system from Ireland-based CommProve, to monitor its service quality.

Netledge “captures” samples of voice transmissions, analyzes them and indicates any flaws that can then be addressed.

As well as supporting the deployment of CommProve’s Netledge monitoring system, Telecom 180 will also deliver support services to the South African operator, providing local expertise and ensuring that previously disadvantaged groups are involved in CommProve’s success.


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