AOL Broadband offers no minimum contract broadband

March 9, 2016

Broadband Wireless Flexi is the most recent product in the AOL Broadband collection. It is fundamentally the equivalent as the existing Broadband Wireless product except it has no minimum contract term, making it perfect for those who want a contract without any tie-ins.

The service is £14.99 a month providing your exchange has been unbundled by AOL Broadband or £19.99 if not, and comprises a 10GB usage allowance with a ceiling connection speed of 8Mbps. The product does comprise a one-off connection cost of £49.99, however you do get a wireless modem/router and ADSL micro-filter in this start-up package.

It undoubtedly appears as if AOL Broadband is aiming to sign-up a good portion of these hesitant converters to broadband. The set-up fee is refundable if you terminate in the first seven working days after the service was fully provisioned (including the return of the router), after this period the £49.99 fee is not refundable.

Although AOL Broadband is not the first provider to put forward a product with no extensive contract, it is the foremost of the providers with over a million customers to do so. It is feasible that over the next few months we may possibly see more providers rolling out products with shorter and cheaper to leave contracts in reaction to the recent news that Ofcom is looking into this area.


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