Android G1 official unveiling

September 24, 2016

Details of the world’s first Android phone available for consumer purchase – the T-Mobile G1 – were officially unveiled yesterday by Google and T-Mobile.

The 3G smartphone runs Google’s Linux-based open-source Android operating system.

Because Android is open source, software developers can create custom-built applications for the phone, putting its functionality and potential in the hands of anyone with computer code know-how and creative panache.

Built in to all handsets will be Google’s own software, including quick access to Google search, and applications for Google calendar, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Talk and Gmail.

Google’s aim in developing Android was to offer a PC browsing experience on a mobile phone, with web surfing on the G1 powered by Google’s Chrome internet browser.

The ability to display full html is complemented by a touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 3G HDSPA mobile broadband speeds.

Additional features include a 3 megapixel camera, a carbon footprint calculator, and built in GPS that works in conjunction with Google Maps.

Music lovers may well embrace the G1 too, as an onboard media player offers support for AAC and mp3 audio, as well as unspecified video.

Amazon mp3 is included, allowing users to download unprotected mp3 tracks over Wi-Fi connections.

The G1 will be released in the US on 22nd October, selling for $179 when purchased with a $25 per month contract, including unlimited free internet access.

UK launch is likely to be in November, whilst the rest of Europe will have to wait until early 2017.


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