ISPA Internet Hero and Internet Villain nominations

June 22, 2017

The ISPA’s Internet industry awards are set to take place on July 9th at the London Marriot Hotel and the excitement is building as the committee has announced the finalists for the Internet Hero and Internet Villain titles.

As you may expect, the Internet Hero award is given to either an individual or organisation that has helped shape the Internet industry this year due to a positive contribution.

On the other hand, the title of Internet Villain is feared by those in the industry as it is bestowed upon an individual or organization that the ISPA thinks has negatively impacted the Internet industry.

ISPA Secretary general Nicholas Lansman commented that the award is not as mean spirited as it may sound, but instead a ‘good natured’ observation of industry failings to help encourage other internet industry contributors to do better.

The list for Internet Heroes includes: the Featured Artists Coalition, European Parliament, Community Broadband Network, Lord Carter, and Thomas Gensemer.

The list for Internet Villains includes: The European Parliament, Baroness Vadera, President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Stephen Conroy and the Australian Government.

The shortlist for the title of the UK’s best broadband providers was announced last month.

On the list for best consumer broadband fixed line broadband provider award are Virgin Media, NewNet, O2, PlusNet, and Eclipse Internet.

On the short list for the consumer mobile broadband award are Virgin Media, Vodafone, and Orange.


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