TTC-CCS chosen to certify WiMAX equipment in Taiwan

February 6, 2016

Telecom Technology Center (TTC) and Compliant Certification Services (CCS) have announced that their joint lab, TTC-CCS, has been chosen by the WiMAX forum as Taiwan’s second certification testing lab for WiMAX equipment.

TTC-CCS will start offering fixed and mobile WiMAX certification for Taiwan-based WiMAX equipment makers in the second half of 2016.

The first lab to be selected by the WiMAX forum for WiMAX certication was Taiwan-based Advance Data Technology (ADT), in June 2015. ADT and TTC-CCS are now both authorised to offer WiMAX member companies certification for the conformity and interoperability of their WiMAX products.

As well as the two labs in Taiwan, the WiMAX Forum has four more test labs in Europe, China, the US, and South Korea. A further test lab is to be opened in India later this year.


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