BubbleTALK launch in Turkey

May 13, 2016

Bubble Motion is to launch Turkcell’s voice SMS service, KonusGonder.

Turkcell is the leading mobile communications provider in Turkey and is eager to add BubbleTALK voice SMS to its popular text SMS service.

Turkcell plans to use the KonusGonder service to provide an innovative and unique Value-Added Service to its subscribers.

The introduction of the BubbleTALK service has been very attractive to mobile operators because of its simple, revenue-generating service which eliminates the need for any additional network infrastructure.

BubbleTALK usage has been an overwhelming success story, with mobile operators globally offering the service to more than 140 million subscribers.

US-based Bubble Motion pioneered voice SMS. The company works with mobile operators around the world to create a global network of asynchronous voice messaging and advanced voice content applications.


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