DS2 adds remote management to AITANATM chip

December 10, 2015

DS2 has announced an integrated TR-069 solution embedded in its DSS9101 powerline communications SoC (System-on-Chip).

The DSS9101 SoC, which is part of DS2’s AITANATM chipset, is a UPA-compliant 200 Mbps powerline communication product.

It is the first powerline communications SoC to integrate a full TR-069 stack on-chip. This eliminates the need for an external processor.

TR-069 is a suite of standard protocols created by the DSL Forum to manage end-user devices in DSL networks, such as DSL routers, IPTV Set-Top-Boxes or VoIP adapters.

By adding native support for TR-069 in DS2’s silicon, Service Providers will be able to use their existing network management infrastructure to control, configure, troubleshoot or perform a secure firmware upgrade to any device that uses DS2’s AITANATM solution.

No changes are required in the Auto-Configuration Server, the Network Infrastructure equipment or the DSL routers already deployed by Service Providers.

With powerline networking becoming the technology of choice for most Service Providers to support in-home IPTV distribution, compliance with TR-069 is essential.

According to Jorge Marcos, DS2 Product Manager for Home Networking products, “other silicon vendors provide simple powerline transceivers that lack functionality as basic as a TCP/IP stack with an IP address, IP-based remote management or remote firmware upgrade. DS2 however invested to ensure that our SoC products provided complete IP-based management capabilities from day 1. We were the first (and so far the only) powerline silicon vendor to provide a full suite of standard TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP, TELNET, FTP, TFTP, SNMP, NTP, H.323 or SIP. We are now the first to extend that support to TR-069, giving service providers full remote management of their networks.”


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