Zero-Latency Traffic From Accedian Networks™

May 20, 2016

The worlds first zero-latency traffic shaping solution for Ethernet demarcation units was unveiled today by Accedian Networks™.

Some new functionality which is to be implemented though the new solution includes acceleration of real-time services, reduction of network overhead and providers can now economize bandwidth which should bring about a more performance-intensive Ethernet and MPLS service.

There will now be the option for either 3G or 4G wireless backhaul, as well as inter-carrier handoff peering applications.

What makes Fast-Thru™ different from most other systems currently in use, is that rather than following the storing and then forwarding on the data method, the data is sent on instantly with no delay or jitter.

As a part of the Fast-Thru™ solution, providers will have the opportunity to distinguish high and moderate priority Ethernet and IP data packets through defining characteristics to be looked for and sorted through, and this will allow the high priority data to move straight through the traffic, and the moderate priority data will be sent along as soon as bandwidth is available.

Accedian Networks recently implemented a new demarcation unit, the MetroNID™, which is designed to police high-density bandwidth traffic using the Fast-Thru™ hardware base.

By working in conjunction with Fast-Thru™, MetroNID™ can also offer a broad range of features, such as constant SLA monitoring, throughput testing during service, layering of 1-4 loopbacks, and standards-based Operations Administration Maintenance (OAM).

Using this new demarcation unit, which is designed to be implemented on site, be that at the premises of the subscriber, cell sites, or carrier handoff points, the service providers can now be assured of SLAs being met, even over multi-vendor, multi-technology, and multi-carrier networks due to no delays for provisioning.

Founding president and CEO of Accedian Networks™, Patrick Ostiguy, said that this sort of functionality is just what service providers have long been awaiting, and that the cross-implementation of service creation and assurance, will mean consistently excellent service quality.

Ostiguy praised the ingenuity of Accedian Networks™ staff, in their creation of a carrier-class service creation and assurance solution.

The fact that service providers have already deployed this new integration of services is proof of how desired the functionality was.

Ostiguy believes this is just the beginning of a new networking model trend.

June 3rd will see Accedian Networks™ take part in a webinar called Light Reading, which is to focus on efficient 3G and 4G wireless backhaul networking.

Findings from the webinar will be available at At NXTcomm, held in Las Vegas, at booth SL1209.


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