Sohonet upgrades London network

September 26, 2015

Sohonet, which provides network services to global media companies, has selected technology from Foundry Networks Inc to help cope with increasing customer demand for high speed bandwidth.

Foundry Networks Inc’s NetIron MLX metro routers and FastIron Edge switch X (FESX) series switches will provide enhanced network performance, based on 10 gigabit Ethernet, to Sohonet’s customers.

Sohonet serves over 300 leading companies including film studios such as Universal and Warner Bros, television broadcasters such as Channel 4, and post production and special effects companies such as The Mill.

Sohonet uniquely provides an ultra secure, global high speed private IP network, connecting all parties in the production process to each other.

The service allows large media files to be sent around the world, facilitating swift and cost-effective collaboration between everyone involved in the production process.

The upgraded network supports the latest industry innovations, including capturing images straight from camera onto disc at the beginning of the film production process, allowing high speed secure content delivery and digital workflow consulting.

Sohonet has upgraded its existing Riverstone Networks router infrastructure in order to cope with an increasing demand for gigabit connections.

The company has deployed Foundry Networks’ backbone NetIron MLX metro routers in various Sohonet London points of presence (PoPs). Sohonet’s customers connect directly to a PoP, for a flat monthly fee regardless of amount of data transferred.

The new technology provides a resilient 10 gigabit Ethernet fibre ring in the capital.

FESX switches connect individual customers to the network and aggregate traffic to the core. MLX metro routers are being installed throughout Sohonet’s network in a 12 month upgrade programme.

Sohonet is the largest high bandwidth connector for the global media and entertainment industry, with a network covering three continents. As well as data transmission, the company provides Internet access, e-mail and a fully managed firewall service.


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