Future looks brighter for Orange

June 9, 2016

The new UK chief executive of Orange, Tom Alexander, is to instigate a heavy shake-up of the company to improve customer service and public image.

The former chief executive of Virgin Mobile had retired in 2006, but was lured into the job by Orange at the end of 2015 to re-invigorate the flagging company.

Orange has 15.8 million mobile customers and over 1 million broadband customers, but has been declining in popularity because of poor customer service.

Alexander’s remedy includes axing 450 middle managers, opening 60 new high street outlets, and curtailing the expansion of India-based call centres.

The company currently employs 1,500 staff in India, but Alexander says he envisions a future where all call centre staff are UK-based.

Orange laptops are also on their way, which will include built-in mobile broadband access.

These will complement the company’s plans for a new superfast 14Mbps mobile broadband network.


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