UN’s ITU-T G.hn standard gains support

February 26, 2017

The HomeGrid Forum, which promotes the United Nations’ ITU-T G.hn standard, has been joined by CEPCA, HomePNA and UPA Unite in its efforts to promote G.hn.

The alliance will help to ensure that G.hn-based products are compatible with those using other technologies such as powerline, phoneline, and coax networking.

The G.hn standard is designed to unify the networking of content and devices over coax cable, phone, and power lines.

This will allow providers to deploy services such as IPTV more cost effectively, while consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to provide devices for connecting electronic security and entertainment devices throughout the house.

Akio Kurobe, the president of CEPCA, said: “Our members look forward to working with HomeGrid to ensure the G.hn technology under development will co-exist with powerline technologies in the market and the forthcoming IEEE P1901 powerline standard that includes G.hn technology”.


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