InteliCloud 360: the iPhone for network providers

March 20, 2017

Network equipment provider InteliCloud launched its first product this week, which it is billing as the iPhone for network providers.

“What the iPhone did for mobile telecommunications, InteliCloud 360 is designed to do for the network,” said Ken Hubbard, president and CEO of Intelicloud.

The InteliCloud 360 integrates off-the-shelf components with proprietary hardware and software into a single chassis, reducing energy consumption and space requirements by up to 60%.

This simplifies the operation, scalability and agility of the network, enabling it to carry voice, video, data and Web 2.0 services on a converged Ethernet-based infrastructure.

The device supports multiple critical services and applications from a single hardware platform.

It can easily be plugged in to existing networks, or be used to replace older networks.

Software costs are reduced because it has no need for additional management software.

“We believe InteliCloud has designed true next-generation network equipment that ISPs want – installation and management simplicity coupled with unprecedented performance and cost savings,” Hubbard said.


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