SMBs and the Significance of Mobile Communications

June 26, 2016

RadioFrame Networks (RFN), has conducted market research into how SMBs use mobile communications to their advantage, to strengthen the business for indoor base stations, such as picocells and femtocells.

Two important points the research showed were, a third of SMBs have problems using their mobiles, even though it is their first point of communication, and with 3G on its way, in excess of 50% of SMBs have no plans to implement the 3G phone solutions, while 17% plan to implement 3G laptops.

There is no doubt that SMBs have a need for communication technology and are ever more dependant on it, which is good for Network Providers.

The problem comes when we analyse the fact that, particularly with deployment of 3G services, sometimes quality can’t be sustained due to penetration of building issues, which could compromise the quality of experience for the customer, something most SMBs, just won’t risk.

SMBs are also trying to get their employees to make the transition from mobile based verbal communication, to mobile broadband based communication, both verbal and data related, which would obviously be more cost effective for the SMB.

The problem is as mentioned above, the SMBs want the best of all worlds, quality of service, sustainability and a cost effective strategies, something no network operator has yet offered.

When they do, they are guaranteed to gain a majority of the market share.


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