UK Reaches 3,931,000 Unbundled Lines

February 11, 2016

The dash to utilise unbundled connections in the shape of customers pursuing the appealingly low prices and providers attempting to lower their own costs carries on.

The end of January 2016 brought the UK tantalizingly close to breaking the four million unbundled line score, with 3,931,000 LLU lines.

It was only just over three years ago that BT Wholesale crossed the four million ADSL line mark which exhibits the swift growth in take-up for broadband over the last couple of years.

The full Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator report for January 2016 reveals that the while Openreach has progressing in some key areas, deadlines are being missed in other areas.

The main frustration being that enhancements to the migration processes expected in April 2016 have been postponed, with no pledge to a new date. The area largely concerned would appear to be the home mover process which still remains vague affair.

Looking towards the future, Openreach has published pricing for sub loop unbundling, nonetheless additional pricing information is necessary for companies to plan and progress sub loop unbundling (SLU).

Unbundling of the sub loop involves providers owning the connection at a street cabinet, which might lead to fibre to the cabinet deployments, and for those with lengthy telephone lines, offers the optimism that broadband speeds may possibly increase considerably if the length of metallic wire used is condensed.


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