Fujikura launches Optical Fibre Identifiers

September 7, 2017

The upcoming Vienna ECOC will see the introduction of two new Optical Fibre Identifiers from Fujikura Europe Ltd.

The two new fibres, called the FID-26R and FID-25R, are considered to be the newest and most developed identifiers to yet hit the marketplace due to their high sensitivity which allows for better identification with the G.657 Bend-Insensitive fibres.

This also allows them to quickly isolate and locate a weak tone that may be hiding beneath a sturdy traffic signal.

Sales and Marketing manager of Fujikura Europe, Brian Leonard, said that the two new fibre identifiers are representative of the offerings that Fujikura has for the public and that they expect to see a lot of interest for the new products next month at the ECOC.

The fibres are designed so that even in small confined spaces fibre can be accessed easily by simply clamping fibre signals.

It focuses directly on increasing the illuminations of LED and LCD screens so that they can be seen easily in all conditions.

Fujikura is the only company out of all six major wire makers in Japan to report an operating profit in the period of time that spans between April and June of 2017.

Although Q2 showed fewer losses than Q1 for the wire makers, the continued increase in profits is highly dependent on product demand.

Most of the companies report that electronic parts and optical cable is in high demand while automobile and building demand is low.

During the later part of the year the wire makers expect to still be facing losses except for Fujikura who expects to continue to show an operating profit.


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