Timico offers High-Speed Internet solutions

May 8, 2017

UK-based Timico Group would argue that ‘fast’ defines it as a company, and recent developments seem to back up their claim.

First is the fact that Timico is now one of the country’s fastest-growing ISPs, serving primarily the business market, but more importantly it has given the world an ultra-fast 16Mbps ADSL service based on ADSL2+, which not only delivers as promised, but has been found by many to actually be even faster than advertised.

Timico’s high-speed ADSL service utilises the BT 21CN network to provide high-speed access for businesses.

In the company’s advertisements, it is marketed as having a speed of 16Mbps, but CTO Trevor Davies says he’s seen speeds as high as 19Mbps, and since the hardware is there to get as much as 24Mbps, it’s possible that some customers might exceed even the 19 mark.

Davies says that, in working through the BT 21CN network, Timico tried to proceed carefully, not rushing into it too quickly.

“We wanted to make sure that our customers’ experience matched our own quality requirements,” he said.

This is not the only innovative technology that has had Timico making headlines recently.

Murco Petroleum announced recently that Timoco is now supplying and managing the company’s private wide area network (WAN), which will allow it to increase company efficiency.

The WAN allows even low-budget stations to connect easily to the corporate office, Murco says.


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