Orange offers free netbook with mobile broadband

August 19, 2016

UK network operator Orange will be offering free netbooks – ultra-mobile laptops with built in 3G connectivity – to its mobile broadband customers.

Orange has signed a deal with Taiwan-based Eee PC maker Asustek, allowing them to give away the Eee PC for free to new customers.

The Eee PC was a huge hit when it was first released last year, and the latest model offered by Orange builds upon the Eee PC’s stengths.

Orange is giving away the Eee PC 900, which features Windows XP, a Celeron M processor, 8.9 inch screen and 16GB hard drive.

Customers wanting the free Eee PC will have to pay £25 per month for 24 months, giving them 3GB of data transfer and 100 text messages per month.

With the price of the contract totalling £600, those looking for a cheap or ‘free’ netbook may do better to look elsewhere.


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