Intel back WiMax as wireless broadband standard

October 31, 2016

Intel has announced plans to back Taiwan’s WiMax network with an investment of NT$386 million ($11.7 million).

The venture capital arm of Intel will invest the money in Taiwan-based network operator VMAX, one of a number of companies in the country building the new 4G WiMax infrastructure.

With Intel’s investment, VMAX plans to become the first company in Taiwan to offer 4G wireless broadband.

Services will launch in the Taipei region of Taiwan in the first quarter of 2017.

WiMax provides high speed wireless broadband, significantly improving high quality image and data transmission.

The technology could pave the way for multi channel high definition TV transmission.

Intel’s investment in VMAX represents its wider concern to make WiMax a global standard for wireless broadband.

In recent months there has been growing concern that WiMax would be rendered obsolete with networks refusing to invest in rolling out WiMax infrastructure, and 3G/3.5G broadband being accepted as the mobile broadband standard.

Intel’s investment is an attempt by the company to counter these concerns.

In addition to the investment in VMAX, Intel will join forces with Taiwan’s government to establish a technical support centre for Moblin, the open source software optimised for use with Intel’s Atom processor.

Netbook makers Asustek and Acer will benefit most from this support centre as their popular mobile internet devices already run Moblin.


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