BT offers international Wi-Fi vouchers

November 6, 2015

BT has become the first Wi-Fi provider to offer a range of international Wi-Fi vouchers, which allow travellers to make calls and download data from Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

The vouchers provide 500 minutes of Wi-Fi access for £28 in the US and £40 in Europe. This averages out at 5.6p per minute in the US and 8p per minute in Europe – cheaper than data roaming services offered by 3G networks.

The vouchers are designed to help travellers control their communications costs and avoid any hidden charges.

BT has recently announced a deal with ISP, iBAHN, which allows BT Openzone customers to access Wi-Fi from another 1,200 hotels, in addition to 9,600 locations where Wi-Fi access is already available.

The vouchers are available in two versions. BT Openzone 500 Europe covers Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, while BT Openzone Americas 500 covers the USA, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.

Both versions can be used in the UK and Ireland.


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