UPA pushes on powerline applications

The Universal Powerline Association (UPA), an international organisation focused on global standards for high-speed Powerline applications, has announced its fourth Plug Test event on July 6th 2015 for new multimedia Powerline products.

Fifteen products from 10 different manufacturers have already received the official UPA Plug Tested label, which is driving worldwide Powerline compatibility and enhancing consumer confidence in Powerline technology.

The UPA has been focused on building the ecosystem of interoperable high-speed Powerline products. UPA’s vision and requirements allow consumers in all markets to purchase any Powerline product, regardless of vendor or bandwidth, and be completely confident of reliability and interoperability.

Products that successfully complete the Official UPA Plug Test on July 6th will be eligible to place the “UPA Plug Tested” label on their products and packaging allowing compliance with the International UPA Digital Home Standard (DHS) Specification.

The UPA DHS v1.0, guarantees performance, coexistence and interoperability between UPA Plug Tested Products already in stores and homes on multiple continents for a variety of multimedia applications.

Companies that are already involved in developing hardware of powerline applications includes Netgear, and internet service provider Google is also known to have invested in the technology.


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