Actors paid to queue for iPhone

August 26, 2016

Advertisers know that consumers are more likely to want a product if it is a ‘must have’ accessory.

And if shoppers think the ‘must have’ is likely to sell out soon, then they are much more likely to buy now.

Which is why mobile operator Orange paid out-of-work Polish actors to line up in front of its stores ahead of Poland’s iPhone launch last Friday.

A spokesperson for Orange said the fake queues were there to ‘drum up interest’ in the new iPhone.

Apple sold over a million 3G iPhones in the US following the launch in July.

However, Polish customers are less likely to be willing to fork out the high monthly tariff charged to iPhone users.

It is a cruel irony that Orange have chosen this strategy to sell the iPhone, the icon of conspicuous consumption, in a country where just 20 years ago people were forced to queue due to shortages in even the most basic products.


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