Virgin Media recruits Yahoo oneSearch

December 5, 2016

Telecommunications provider Virgin Media has signed a deal with Yahoo, who will now provide search services for Virgin’s mobile portal.

Starting next week, mobile web searches from Virgin Media’s mobile portal homepage will be powered by the Yahoo oneSearch engine.

OneSearch has been specifically designed to improve mobile search engine user experience.

For example, searching for a football team will bring up fixtures, recent scores, news and images, whilst a search for a film will find reviews, cast information, and showing times at local cinemas.

Using oneSearch, mobile web surfers will no longer have to waste time and money clicking through lots of links to find the information they need.

OneSearch will also be used to help users find services on Virgin’s mobile portal, including wallpapers, games, ring tones and other content.

Yahoo plans to deliver sponsored links through oneSearch, which it says will be the ‘monetization engine’ of the mobile internet.


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