Vaioni launches 20Mbps business DSL product

March 13, 2016

Vaioni have launched an up to 20Mbps business category ADSL2+ service from £140.99 per month. The new product called ‘ULTRA 20′ intended for SMEs, branch offices and schools provides a 2.5Mbps upstream speed and a assured 10:1 contention ratio.

The service uses the LLU network of O2/Be, and is consequently available to the same 846 exchanges with ad additional 400 due by June 2016.

The product is a managed end-to-end service with a router included. One distinctive feature of the product is an SLA with 2hrs response and 2hrs fix if the router does fail, but this does not include to the complete DSL service which may possibly take longer to fix if there is an issue.

It is recommended that anybody who is wholly reliant on their broadband connection for their business to function to organize a substitute backup service, whether it be a low-priced connection from another provider, or even a dial-up service to get you back online once more.

Selecting a backup service that is provided by means of a different wholesale/LLU provider can insert an added layer of redundancy to your connection. There are also choices on the BT IPStream based services for Totalcare which provides a quicker fix time as per the Totalcare service for telephone lines.


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