LTSTI brings 100Mbps mobile broadband closer

February 6, 2016

The LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI) has completed a second round of LTE tests which demonstrate the technology’s ability to bring super-fast wireless broadband to the mass market on schedule.

The technology will facilitate next generation, high performance mobile broadband networks based on 3GPPRelease 8 “Long Term Evolution / System Architecture Evolution” (LTE/SAE) specifications, which can support mobile broadband peak data rates of over 100 Mbps.

LSTI is a group of telecom technology manufacturers and network operators, including Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, France Telecom/Orange,Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel, T-Mobile, and Vodafone.

The group has now verified that LTE can achieve the high speed downloads and fast network response times necessary to give a true broadband experience on mobile devices.

The latest test confirms that prototypes are meeting the performance targets set out by the 3GPP standards.


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