Ixia updates IxRave IP Service Verification

March 26, 2017

Ixia’s IxRave IP Service Verification service has been updated to monitor Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul.

Service providers can now used IxRave to monitor, measure and troubleshoot converged networks using an affordable and centralised solution, rather than having to monitor different portions of their network using different services.

IxRave actively tests all customer’s individual paths with the type of traffic they most frequently use, ensuring that every customer has a high quality of experience (QoE).

Problems on a network are isolated to a specific network segment, enabling call centre staff to more frequently achieve first call resolution on technical issues.

Feedback given by IxRave is designed to be intuitive for call centre staff to use, whilst providing the details necessary for the technicians sent to fix the problem.

Walker Colston, Ixia’s VP of Converged Monitoring, said: “As access network elements are moved further into the field. (e.g. FTTx) it becomes even more important for carriers to have a cost efficient verification solution that provides full end-to-end coverage.

“Prior solutions in the service verification market either were narrowly focused or required a huge investment in test hardware for the access network elements—often resulting in insufficient network coverage. IxRave addresses these requirements in an integrated, scalable solution.”


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