O2 seems to be trampling the competition

July 3, 2017

O2, the UK mobile operator with exclusive rights to the iPhone, has managed to secure another set of exclusive rights, to the iPhone’s latest rival, the Palm Pre.

The deal for the Palm Pre was announced Tuesday, and should lead to a huge boost in O2 consumers as the company now owns the exclusive rights to the iPhone and the PalmPre, not to mention the TG01 Smartphone.

While the company has declined to comment, the acquisition of the rights should help O2 push forward among its major UK competitors, Vodafone and Orange, who were also rumoured to have an eye on the Palm Pre.

O2 is owned by Spain’s Telefonica who beat out Orange for the iPhone at the last minute as well as the current winning bid for the Palm Pre.

Jon Rubinstein, the chairmen of Palm, said that the launch of the Palm Pre is the first step of many to get back in the competitive playing field of the mobile market.


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